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Events 2023

October 14, 2023 - Annular Eclipse of the Sun in Utah
October 4, 2023 - August 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
September 25, 2023 - Reed's Trip to the Bangkok Thailand Temple Open House
September 14, 2023 - August 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
August 1, 2023 - July 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
July 24, 2023 - Celebrating Pioneer Day in Utah
Parade: For the first time in decades the Day's of '47 Parade displayed proper pacing. Proper parade pacing mean that after one entry passes by the next entry is right behind it. Was the pacing perfect? "No, but it wsa dramatically better than it has been in decades." Here are a couple of parade floats.
Swimming Party

Decades ago my mother started a swimming party after the parade on July 24th. She invited the families of her brothers an sisters. Not all of them participated, but those who did came every year. We also invited my father's sister's family since they lived just a block away. Since we finished our backyard pool in 2020, we continued the tradition, but only with out children and grandchildren.

Since many copainies don't offer the 2th of July off work, our party now starts with dinner around 5:00 pm. This year a brief but strong thundershower hit just as we were sitting down to dinner.

We have races every year. I tell the grandchildren we race so I can see how they are progressing with their swim stroke. This year we had something different happen. After the formal races were over, the grandkids wanted to race other cousins, so the races continued on. After that my children got involved in the annual races. In the videos below Avery (daughter of Jared and Melissa) races Makenna (daughter of Kevin and Angela) race for the 9-10 yr old championship. Rob then races Jared in the "Dive and Glide Challenge" where you dive in and float to the other end. Rob just needed a little more air to win that challenge.

July 1, 2023 - June 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
June 1, 2023 - May 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
May 15, 2023 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - My photographs and commentary on the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple and other buildings near Temple Square
May 1, 2023 - April 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
April 11, 2023 - Solar Installation Day
April 1, 2023 - March 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
 Step 1 Insert anchors into the roof; Step 2 - Attach aluminum rails to the anchors
Step 3 -Attach the solar panels to the rails and electrically connect to the next panel             Step 4 - Connect the power grid to the solar grid. The solar side required six new boxes
Drone photo (courtesy of my salesman)  of the completed system
April 11, 2023 - At the current cost of electricity and after $18,000 back from "Uncle Sam," it will take 20 years to recover the investment. That said the system came with a battery (housed in the garage) that can power the home for 60 hours of average use." The battery can also charge electric vehicles, which would reduce the time nedeed to recover the investment. Assuming one electric vehicle the recovery time comes down to 14 years. Excess energy is sold back to Utah Power and Light, but I'm not assuming much from that.
April 11, 2023 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - The renovation to the Salt Lake Temple reaches the halfway point
April 3, 2023 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - Analysis of Church Statistics for 2022
April 1, 2023 - March 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
March 1, 2023 - February 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
February 1, 2023 - January 2023 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah
January 23, 2023 -New story on the LDS Insights Blog -  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints posts new photographs of the remodeling of the Salt Lake Temple
January 5 January 2023 Update on the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
January 3 December 2022 Climatological Summary for Sandy Utah

Events 2022

December 28 Christmas 2022 Memories
December 17 Christmas Greetings to all from our holiday home
December 4 - New story in the LDS Insights Blog - Presiding Bishoprics Office now responsible for site, design, contruction and maintenance
November 25 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - regarding the popularity of the Payson Utah Temple
November 23 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - New missions opening in 2023
November 23 -New story on the LDS Insights Blog - A new course for the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square
November 15 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog- Progress on the Remodeling of Temple Square
October 15 -Highlights of the 2022 Fun in the Pool [June 1 - October 15]
September 17 - Reed and his three sons held their annual "Best Ball" tournament at Murray Parkway. This year the pairs were Micheal & Jared versus Robert & Reed. Through the first nine we were tied. Rob played well, but Dad was not good enough as the younger two beat the older two by six strokes.
July 8 - Reed's only brother John Lee Haslam died in Kansas City, Kansas. John left home when Reed was twelve. He spent two years at Cornell University in Ithaca New York, before mvoing to Larence Kansas, home of the University of Kansas. He resided there for fifty-two years.

He had been hospitalized for several months, but was unable to recover from quadruple bypass surgery and a fight with fluid in his lungs. He and he wife Gale had lived in Lawrence Kansas for over 50 years where he worked as a research chemist doing drug development at entities associated with the University of Kansas.

His Church service included Bishop and Stake Patriarch for the Topeka Kansas Stake. He saw the church in Lawrence Kansas grow from a small branch to three wards plus the student ward at the University of Kansas. He also was an ordinance worker at the Kansas City Missouri Temple from shortly after its dedication until the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic began. It was a 140 mile round trip to and from the temple. He was still working part time as a research chemist when he fell ill. He was 83.

Reed and Sherry traveled to Lawrence Kansas for the funeral. The funest part of the day was the police motorcade from the LDS Church that John helped build, to the cemetary. Reed participated by offering the dedicatory prayer at the cemetary.

June 30 - Sherry's older sister Patti Ann Westberg Gilbert passed away at Utah Velley Hospital during surgery. This was so unexpected and so soon after her mother's death that it really rocked the family. She was the mother of three children, Jennifer, Heidi and Nicholas. Her funeral was held on July 7 in Lehi Utah. Family and many friends some from years gone by attended the funeral. She was 68.
May 25 - Sherry's mother Donna Lee Solt Westberg passed away passed away at the home of her oldest grandchild (an M.D.) in Lehi, Utah. She was the only great-grandparent our grandchildren ever knew. She knew she was going to return home to her heavenly father and made preparations to do so, like purchasing a new white gown and customizing it the way she wanted it. She had gone to the Riverton Hospital less than a week earlier with a gastrointentinal tract infection and as soon as she learned what it might take to defeat it, she happily chose to pass on. Her funeral was on June 9. She was 88.
May 9 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - Progress on the Remodeling of Temple Square
April 10 - New story on the LDS Insights Blog - Analysis of Church Statistics for 2021
December 30 - January 2 - Making the Trek to the Utes' First Rose Bowl Game
We left on Thursday morning December 30, 2021. We needed to get out of town before a significant snow storm hit Utah. Getting some lunch in St. George, we met our first obstacle just before Littlefield, Arizona. It seems the eastbound bridge over a 30 foot deep gully was found to be incapable of supporting its two lanes of traffic. A couple of miles before the bridge traffic must collapse from two lanes into one lane. We hit the stop and go traffic inside the Virgin River gourge. This depayed us for 90 minutes or more. We spent the night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On the last day of the year we traveled into the Los Angeles basin. We had wante to go to Griffith Observatory, but it was packed with tourists from both sides of the approach to the summit of the hill that it sits on overlooking Los Angeles. We moved to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was busy but not overwhelmingly so. Rob and his family spent the day at Huntington Beach - Sun and Sand play was the only reasonable events on the beach.

It was up early to get to the Rose Parade. We had reserved seats on Colorado Boulevard when it crosses over a freeway, There were no ticket takers, but we found our seats on row three. No one showed up on row two giving us more open space. The parade was marvelous, but somehow even this parade suffered from proper pacing. Next we recharged our phones back at the car and then left on a nearby shuttle to the Rose Bowl. The stadium is 100 years old. No previsions were made for concessions inside so the only place to purchase food or drink was outside! The food was as crazy expensive as were our seats. It was a great game, but Utah came up just a bit short 45-42. The spead was 4 points so they covered that.

See Photos and Videos of the parade and the bowl game.

On January 2nd we returned all the way back home. We tried to avert the delay in Arizona by taking the old highway 91 out of Mesquite which has an on ramp just before the bridge, but the Arizona Highway patrol had it blocked, so we continued on old highway 91 in to St. George.